Welcome to the Laboratory of Retroviral Biochemistry

The Laboratory of Retroviral Biochemistry (LRB) was established in 1992 by Dr. Tozser in the Department of Biochemistry of the University Medical Shool of Debrecen (now Debrecen   University , Faculty of Medicine). Previously Dr. Tozser studied the specificity of HIV proteinases in the Laboratory of Dr. Stephen Oroszlan (Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Carcinogenesis, NCI-FCRDC, Frederick , MD.   USA ). In the following years a strong collaboration was developed between these groups (supported by the US-Hungarian Joint Fund in 1994-1997) as well as between the research groups of Dr. Irene T. Weber (now in Georgia State University) and Dr. John M. Louis (NIH) on the specificity and characteristics of various wild-type and mutant retroviral proteinases. The collaboration between LRB and Dr. Weber’s group has been recently supported by an NIH-FIRCA grant to Dr. Weber (1999-2005).


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